• Maria Matskevich

How to get a job in Europe with a non-EU passport?

When you finish school and finally enter university, you rarely think about what will happen after the "four best years of your life." Most are just excited to be over eighteen, out of their parents' house, and having a few years in front of them to figure things out before having to start a full-time job. Considering the ramifications of the university you've selected, the country it is in, and the implications for you as the holder of whichever passport are not top of mind. You likely come face to face with these thoughts in your senior year, when the question of "what are you going to do after you graduate" starts to pop-up in almost every other conversation you have. Many of those who've studied in Europe but don't hold an EU passport start making it their mission to find a way to stay in Europe. There are two main options for such students to consider - continuing their education and going for a Master's or finding an employer willing to sponsor a work visa for them (not the easiest endeavor). Today we'll talk about the latter.

Staying in Europe without an EU passport is not impossible. But the fact that it's "not impossible" doesn't mean it should be this difficult. Regardless, this interview provides a positive outlook because the interviewee managed to stay in Europe despite his Chinese passport. Read on to discover my conversation with Lee - a graduate of École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), a citizen of China, and someone who's managed to get a work visa sponsorship in Europe following graduation!

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