• Maria Matskevich

What It's Like To Launch Your First LinkedIn Ads Campaign

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about my experience of launching my first Google Ads campaign and the main things I learned from it. This week I will do the same with LinkedIn Ads, as I had the opportunity to launch both of them at the same time.

woman typing on laptop
Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

Just like with Google, I started with research and here are the resources I used, in case any of you want to check them out:


  • A quick guide to LinkedIn Ads

  • A thorough ebook about using LinkedIn for business. I think it's from 2017 but I still found it quite useful and not just for the Ads.

On LinkedIn Ads, things are a little easier (at least it felt like it to me), not sure if its because I use the LinkedIn interface everyday and hence am familiar with all the targeting criteria (job functionality, seniority, etc) or if it is generally more user-friendly. The key difference I noticed with LinkedIn is the precision of targeting you can get and I particularly liked the estimated results, audience size, and costs which adjust as you change your targeting and budget. It allows you to get a glimpse of what you should expect and acts as a guide of sorts.

screenshot of linkedin forecasted results

Here is what I mean for those who haven’t been to the campaign manager yet. By the way – I highly recommend going and just doing a practice run (without launching a campaign or even adding a card) so that you get familiar with the features and can also inform your superiors about the functionalities.

I know what you are thinking – just up to 58 clicks in the week?! How is it worth it? Well, you see it seems that LinkedIn Ads are more expensive than those of Google. It may have something to do with more targeting opportunities and LinkedIn being THE business network. But either way it is the case and we still wanted to test both. So, once I’ve launched the campaign, I did pretty much the same thing as with Google Ads - I monitored the results and all the metrics, sometimes added new ads to see if they’d perform better.

Tips for launching LinkedIn Ads:

  1. Make sure to make the most of the targeting options on LinkedIn - set it up to only show to people who fit your target persona the best while keeping the audience size large enough.

  2. Create at least 3 ad creatives, and add more if you want to test certain phrases and different text. Also, test different landing pages and always keep in mind - does your ad correspond to what the person is going to see when they click it? The goal is not to trick the person but provide value.

  3. Once the campaign is over, really look over the results and demographics - to be honest, I think it is a major benefit of LinkedIn as you can see people from which departments clicked on which ads, sometimes what their job titles are, and so on. This is an excellent opportunity to learn who is most interested in your products and services and should be communicated with the other teams to ensure you are always trying to reach the most relevant people.

I hope you find these tips useful and have a great first experience with LinkedIn Ads. Stay tuned for future posts!